The retrieval of phone information like deleted SMS-messages and call-logs is not possible in most cases for company’s and private persons.
Usually this is is reserved for the police only (at least in the Netherlands).

What we can do is extract data from you cell phones, tablets and GPS devices and report the found data back to you.

We currently support about 10,000 different models of mobile phones, tablets and GPS-devices. Due to the large amounts of mobile phones and their different versions of the software / firmware. and the weekly changes of the supported devices, it is best to contact us to ask if we support your specific model.

List of supported devices

In order to assist you, it is important for us to know the brand and type of the phone.
We work with the Cellebrite UFED Touch. Therefore we assure you and ourselves that we only work with the very best equipment. Equipment used by government agencies around the world to extract data from phones and other mobile devices in a forensically sound manner