Blackberry phones and tablets are known for their strong encryption and high security. This is the main reason why we see the Blackberry’s frequently in the business world. With the right soft- and hardware, it’s sometimes possible to retrieve phonedata from a Blackberry, even if the user forget the password. If a password is known (or cracked) the BlackBerry backups can be decrypted. The data is thus understandable and searchable. The BlackBerry backups can naturally contain a wealth of data. Data which may have been deleted from the phone but which, in an investigation or litigation can be of great importance.

Besides cracking the password for the Blackberry backups, its sometimes possible to crack BlackBerry Password Keeper and Wallet apps. If the phone has a micro SD card which is encrypted, access to a Blackberry can be forced.
This can be done by a brute-force attack or a dictionary attack.

If we are able to crack the password for the Media Card, we usually have access to the Blackberry.
Despite the fact that Blackberry is known as a “safe” phone , there are definitely ways to get important data from Blackberry devices and/or backups.