locked phone@600right To be able to read the data from a phone, we first need to have access to it. If the passcode is (no longer) known, we can crack the passwords for devices listed below.

Is the phone you want to crack not in the list, please contact us for the latest updates. Maybe your phone is added to the latest list.

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What can we do:

    • Crack passwords from password protected iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPod Touch and Blackberry back-ups.
    • iPhone and BlackBerry backups decryption (if the password is known).
    • CrackBlaclBerry Password Keeper and Wallet apps
    • Crack BlackBerry access passwords (only if it has a encrypted media-card too)
    • Keychain data (email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords and passwords for websites en some apps
    • Crack passwords for backups of original and ‘jailbroken’ iPhone’s , iPad, and iPod Touch.
    • Gain acces to mobile devices with a pincode.

Gaining acces to the phones below by cracking the password/passcode. 

Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 1
Apple iPhone 2G
Apple iPhone 2G
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPod Touch
Apple iPod Touch
Apple iPod Touch 3G
Apple iPod Touch 4G

Allthoug passwords cannot be subtracted from Blackberry devices, we sometimes can get access to the data.

See:  Cracking Blackberry Passwords

HTC 6200 Droid Eris
HTC 6230 WildFire
HTC 6275 Desire CDMA
HTC 6285 Hero S
HTC 6320 kingdom
HTC A333 Wildfire
HTC A510e Wildfire S
HTC A6366 Aria
HTC A7272 Desire Z
HTC A7373 Evo Shift 4G
HTC A8181 Bravo GSM
HTC A8181 Desire GSM
HTC A9191 Desire HD
HTC A9192 Inspire 4G
HTC A9292 EVO 4G
HTC ADR6250 Hero200
HTC ADR6290 One V
HTC ADR6300 Incredible
HTC ADR6325 Merge
HTC ADR6350 Droid Incredible 2
HTC ADR6400L Thunderbolt
HTC ADR6410L Droid Incredible 4G
HTC ADR6410LVW Incredible 4G
HTC ADR6425LVW Rezound
HTC C520e One SV
HTC Click
HTC D20822 Marvel
HTC myTouch 3G Slide
HTC myTouch 4G Glacier
HTC PB76100 Legend
HTC PC36100 Evo 4G
HTC PD15100 My Touch 4G
HTC PD98100 Desire HD
HTC PD98120 Inspire 4G
HTC PG06100 Evo Shift 4G
HTC PG58100 Pyramid
HTC PG58100 Sensation 4G
HTC PG58130 Sensation XE
HTC PG59100 myTouch 4G Slide
HTC PG76210 Wildfire
HTC PG76240 Wildfire S
HTC PG86100 Evo 3D
HTC PG86100 Evo V 4G
HTC PG86300 Evo 3D
HTC PH39100 Vivid
HTC PH44100 Evo Design 4G
HTC PH85110 Amaze 4G
HTC PH98100 Rezound
HTC PI39200 Sensation XL
HTC PI46110 Rhyme
HTC PJ40100 One S
HTC PJ40110 One S
HTC PJ83100 One X
HTC PJ83120 One XL
HTC PK76300 One V
HTC PL01110 Desire C
HTC PL01200 Desire C
HTC PL01210 Desire C
HTC PL80120
HTC PM36100 One VX
HTC PM63100 One X+
HTC PN07120 One
HTC PN07130 One
HTC PN072 One
HTC PN07200 One
HTC S510b Rhyme
HTC S510e Desire S
HTC S710e Incredible S
HTC T328w Wind
HTC T7373 Evo Shift 4G
HTC Tattoo
HTC Wildfire S
HTC X325s One XL
HTC X710a Raider
Huawei G5730 Eclipse
Huawei G7010
Huawei G7300
Huawei M228
Huawei M318
Huawei M328
Huawei M580
Huawei M615
Huawei M635 Pinnacle
Huawei M650
Huawei M750
Huawei M835 Ascend
Huawei M835SE Ascend
Huawei M836
Huawei M860SE Ascend
Huawei M865 Ascend II
Huawei M865 Sonic
Huawei T-Mobile Energy
Huawei U8110 Pulse Mini
Huawei U8150 Comet
Huawei U8150 IDEOS
Huawei U8220
Huawei U8300 Boost Droid
Huawei U8350 Boulder
LG GSM E720 Optimus Chic
LG GSM E720b Optimus Chic
LG GSM P500 Optimus One
LG GSM P500h Optimus One
LG GSM P505 Phoenix
LG GSM P506 Thrive
LG GSM P509 Optimus T
LG GSM P509RD Optimus T
LG GSM P920 Optimus 3D
LG GSM P925 Thrill 4G
LG GSM P970 Optimus Black
Motorola GSM A953 Milestone 2
Motorola GSM C350
Motorola GSM C380
Motorola GSM C390
Motorola GSM C550
Motorola GSM C650
Motorola GSM C651
Motorola GSM E1 ROKR
Motorola GSM E378
Motorola GSM E380
Motorola GSM E398
Motorola GSM E770
Motorola GSM K1 KRZR
Motorola GSM L2 SLVR
Motorola GSM L6 SLVR
Motorola GSM L6i iMode
Motorola GSM L7 SLVR
Motorola GSM L71
Motorola GSM L7e RIZR
Motorola GSM L9
Motorola GSM MB502 Charm
Motorola GSM MB508 FlipSide
Motorola GSM MB511 FlipOut
Motorola GSM MB520 Diablo
Motorola GSM MB525 Defy
Motorola GSM MB526 Defy+
Motorola GSM MB611 Cliq 2
Motorola GSM MB860 Atrix 4G
Motorola GSM MB886 Atrix HD
Motorola GSM ME525+ Defy
Motorola GSM ME865 Atrix 2
Motorola GSM MT716
Motorola GSM QA1
Motorola GSM T720
Motorola GSM T720i
Motorola GSM U6 PEBL
Motorola GSM V1100
Motorola GSM V180
Motorola GSM V186
Motorola GSM V188
Motorola GSM V191
Motorola GSM V195
Motorola GSM V197
Motorola GSM V220
Motorola GSM V235
Motorola GSM V3 RAZR
Motorola GSM V3 RAZR (New FW)
Motorola GSM V300
Motorola GSM V330
Motorola GSM V360
Motorola GSM V3i
Motorola GSM V3r
Motorola GSM V400
Motorola GSM V500
Motorola GSM V505
Motorola GSM V525
Motorola GSM V551
Motorola GSM V555
Motorola GSM V557
Motorola GSM V60
Motorola GSM V600
Motorola GSM V620
Motorola GSM V635L
Motorola GSM V80
Motorola GSM V9
Motorola GSM W490
Motorola GSM W5 ROKR
Motorola GSM W510
Motorola GSM XT610 Droid Pro
Motorola GSM XT702
Motorola GSM XT720 Milestone
Motorola GSM XT800
Motorola GSM XT885 RAZR V
Motorola GSM XT908 Milestone MAXX
Motorola GSM XT909
Motorola GSM XT910 Spyder RAZR
Motorola GSM XT925 RAZR
Motorola GSM Z3 (Vivo)
Motorola GSM Z3 RIZR
Motorola iDen i1
Motorola iDen i205
Motorola iDen i215
Motorola iDen i265
Motorola iDen i275
Motorola iDen i285
Motorola iDen i290
Motorola iDen i305
Motorola iDen i315
Motorola iDen i335
Motorola iDen i355
Motorola iDen i365
Motorola iDen i415
Motorola iDen i425
Motorola iDen i450
Motorola iDen i455
Motorola iDen i460
Motorola iDen i465 Clutch
Motorola iDen i530
Motorola iDen i560
Motorola iDen i570
Motorola iDen i576
Motorola iDen i580
Motorola iDen i615
Motorola iDen i670
Motorola iDen i680 Submerge
Motorola iDen i686 Brute
Motorola iDen i710
Motorola iDen i730
Motorola iDen i760
Motorola iDen i776
Motorola iDen i776 IL
Motorola iDen i830
Motorola iDen i835
Motorola iDen i836
Motorola iDen i850
Motorola iDen i855
Motorola iDen i856 Debut
Motorola iDen i860
Motorola iDen i867
Motorola iDen i870
Motorola iDen i876
Motorola iDen i876 IL
Motorola iDen i877
Motorola iDen i880
Motorola iDen i885
Motorola iDen i886
Motorola iDen i890
Motorola iDen i9 Stature
Motorola iDen ic602 Buzz+
Motorola iDen ic902 Deluxe
Motorola iDen XT626
Nokia GSM 100
Nokia GSM 101
Nokia GSM 110
Nokia GSM 111.1
Nokia GSM 112
Nokia GSM 113
Nokia GSM 701
Nokia GSM 1100
Nokia GSM 1101
Nokia GSM 1110
Nokia GSM 1112
Nokia GSM 1200
Nokia GSM 1202
Nokia GSM 1208
Nokia GSM 1209
Nokia GSM 1280
Nokia GSM 1600
Nokia GSM 1616
Nokia GSM 1650
Nokia GSM 1800
Nokia GSM 2310
Nokia GSM 2600
Nokia GSM 3100
Nokia GSM 3120
Nokia GSM 3200
Nokia GSM 3220
Nokia GSM 3590
Nokia GSM 3595
Nokia GSM 5070
Nokia GSM 5100
Nokia GSM 5140
Nokia GSM 5228
Nokia GSM 5233
Nokia GSM 5250
Nokia GSM 5330
Nokia GSM 5700
Nokia GSM 6010
Nokia GSM 6020
Nokia GSM 6030
Nokia GSM 6060
Nokia GSM 6061
Nokia GSM 6070
Nokia GSM 6080
Nokia GSM 6100
Nokia GSM 6101
Nokia GSM 6102
Nokia GSM 6103
Nokia GSM 6108
Nokia GSM 6111
Nokia GSM 6170
Nokia GSM 6230
Nokia GSM 6288
Nokia GSM 6290
Nokia GSM 6610
Nokia GSM 6800
Nokia GSM 6820
Nokia GSM 7210
Nokia GSM 7260
Nokia GSM 7270
Nokia GSM 1100b
Nokia GSM 1208b
Nokia GSM 1661-2
Nokia GSM 1661-2b
Nokia GSM 1681c
Nokia GSM 2700 Classic
Nokia GSM 2710c
Nokia GSM 2710c-2 Navigation Edition
Nokia GSM 3500 Classic
Nokia GSM 3510i
Nokia GSM 3710a-1c
Nokia GSM 3711a-1
Nokia GSM 5030c XpressRadio
Nokia GSM 5130c-2 XpressMusic
Nokia GSM 5230 Nuron
Nokia GSM 5230-1c
Nokia GSM 5320 XperssMusic
Nokia GSM 5320d-1
Nokia GSM 5320di XpressMusic
Nokia GSM 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia GSM 5630d-1
Nokia GSM 5730s-1
Nokia GSM 5800 Xpress Music
Nokia GSM 5800d-1b XpressMusic
Nokia GSM 5800w XpressMusic
Nokia GSM 5802 xpressmusic
Nokia GSM 6101b
Nokia GSM 6102b
Nokia GSM 6120c-1
Nokia GSM 6124c-1
Nokia GSM 6210s-1
Nokia GSM 6230i
Nokia GSM 6260s-1 Slide
Nokia GSM 6303i Classic
Nokia GSM 6350-1d
Nokia GSM 6610i
Nokia GSM 6650d-1bH
Nokia GSM 6700 Slide
Nokia GSM 6700c
Nokia GSM 6700c-1 Classic
Nokia GSM 6710 Navigator
Nokia GSM 6720 Classic
Nokia GSM 6720c-1b
Nokia GSM 6750 Mural
Nokia GSM 6790s-1c Surge
Nokia GSM 700 Benji
Nokia GSM 7020a-2
Nokia GSM 7230-1C
Nokia GSM 7250i
Nokia GSM 808 PureView
Nokia GSM Asha 300
Nokia GSM Asha 302
Nokia GSM Asha 311
Nokia GSM C1-00
Nokia GSM C2-01 Hally
Nokia GSM C2-01.5 Warm Silver
Nokia GSM C3-00
Nokia GSM C3-01 Ronald
Nokia GSM C5-00
Nokia GSM C5-00.2
Nokia GSM C5-03 Kitty
Nokia GSM C6-00.1
Nokia GSM C6-01
Nokia GSM C6-01.3
Nokia GSM C7-00 Astound
Nokia GSM E5-00
Nokia GSM E5-00.2
Nokia GSM E51-1
Nokia GSM E52-1
Nokia GSM E55-1
Nokia GSM E6-00
Nokia GSM E63
Nokia GSM E63-1
Nokia GSM E66-1
Nokia GSM E71
Nokia GSM E72
Nokia GSM E72-2
Nokia GSM E73 Mode
Nokia GSM E75-1
Nokia GSM N79-1
Nokia GSM N79-3
Nokia GSM N8-00
Nokia GSM N81-1
Nokia GSM N81-3
Nokia GSM N85-1
Nokia GSM N86-1
Nokia GSM N97-1
Nokia GSM N97-4
Nokia GSM X1-00.1
Nokia GSM X1-01
Nokia GSM X2-00
Nokia GSM X2-01
Nokia GSM X2-01.1
Nokia GSM X3-00
Nokia GSM X3-02 Touch and Type
Samsung GSM EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera
Samsung GSM GT-B2700
Samsung GSM GT-B2710 Makalu
Samsung GSM GT-B2710 Xcover 271
Samsung GSM GT-B3410 Corby Plus
Samsung GSM GT-B5510 Galaxy Y Pro
Samsung GSM GT-B5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos
Samsung GSM GT-B7722
Samsung GSM GT-C3212
Samsung GSM GT-C3510 Genoa
Samsung GSM GT-C3630C
Samsung GSM GT-C5220
Samsung GSM GT-E2550 Monte Slider
Samsung GSM GT-i5500 Europa Galaxy 5
Samsung GSM GT-i5510 Galaxy
Samsung GSM GT-i5510M Galaxy
Samsung GSM GT-I5700 Galaxy Spica
Samsung GSM GT-i9000 Galaxy S
Samsung GSM GT-i9000M Galaxy S Vibrant
Samsung GSM GT-I9000T Galaxy S
Samsung GSM GT-I9020a Nexus S
Samsung GSM GT-i9023 Nexus S
Samsung GSM GT-I9100 Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM GT-I9100M Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM GT-i9190 Galaxy S 4 Mini
Samsung GSM GT-i9205 Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Samsung GSM GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus
Samsung GSM GT-i9250M Galaxy Nexus
Samsung GSM GT-i9300 Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM GT-I9305 Galaxy S III LTE
Samsung GSM GT-I9505 Galaxy S4 LTE
Samsung GSM GT-M8910 Pixon12
Samsung GSM GT-N5110 Galaxy Note 8.0 Wifi
Samsung GSM GT-N7000 Galaxy Note
Samsung GSM GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GSM GT-N7102 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GSM GT-N7105 Galaxy Note 2 LTE
Samsung GSM GT-N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung GSM GT-N8013 Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung GSM GT-N8020 Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung GSM GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
Samsung GSM GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung GSM GT-S3100 Croy
Samsung GSM GT-S3370B Acton
Samsung GSM GT-S3370B Mini Touch
Samsung GSM GT-S3600i
Samsung GSM GT-S3650 Corby
Samsung GSM GT-S3650C
Samsung GSM GT-S3653 Corby
Samsung GSM GT-S5230 Tocco Lite
Samsung GSM GT-S5230C
Samsung GSM GT-S5253 Wave 525
Samsung GSM GT-S5253 Wave 525
Samsung GSM GT-S5260 Star II
Samsung GSM GT-S5320
Samsung GSM GT-S5350 Shark
Samsung GSM GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
Samsung GSM GT-S5360L Galaxy Y
Samsung GSM GT-S5360T Galaxy Y
Samsung GSM GT-S5380G Wave Y
Samsung GSM GT-S5380G Wave Y
Samsung GSM GT-S5510
Samsung GSM GT-S5511T
Samsung GSM GT-S5550 Shark 2
Samsung GSM GT-S5560 Marvel
Samsung GSM GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini
Samsung GSM GT-S5570 Tass
Samsung GSM GT-S5570i Galaxy Pop Plus
Samsung GSM GT-S5600 Player Star
Samsung GSM GT-S5603
Samsung GSM GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio
Samsung GSM GT-S5670L
Samsung GSM GT-S5750E Wave 575
Samsung GSM GT-S5750E Wave 575
Samsung GSM GT-S5780 Wave 578
Samsung GSM GT-S5780 Wave 578
Samsung GSM GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
Samsung GSM GT-S5830 Galaxy Cooper
Samsung GSM GT-S5830i Galaxy Ace
Samsung GSM GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
Samsung GSM GT-S6500D Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung GSM GT-S6700T
Samsung GSM GT-S7220 Ultra b
Samsung GSM GT-S7230E Wave 723 Touchwiz
Samsung GSM GT-S7230E Wave 723 Touchwiz
Samsung GSM GT-S7250 Wave M
Samsung GSM GT-S8000 Jet
Samsung GSM GT-S8003 Jet
Samsung GSM GT-S8500 Wave
Samsung GSM GT-S8500 Wave
Samsung GSM GT-S8500M Wave
Samsung GSM GT-S8530 Wave II
Samsung GSM GT-S8530 Wave II
Samsung GSM Samsung QCP – Generic
Samsung GSM SGH-A157
Samsung GSM SGH-A177
Samsung GSM SGH-A237
Samsung GSM SGH-A256 Hype
Samsung GSM SGH-A411
Samsung GSM SGH-A501
Samsung GSM SGH-A551
Samsung GSM SGH-A561
Samsung GSM SGH-A597 Eternity 2
Samsung GSM SGH-A637
Samsung GSM SGH-A667T Evergreen
Samsung GSM SGH-A687 Strive
Samsung GSM SGH-A697 Sunburst
Samsung GSM SGH-A707 SYNC
Samsung GSM SGH-A711
Samsung GSM SGH-A717
Samsung GSM SGH-A727
Samsung GSM SGH-A736
Samsung GSM SGH-A737
Samsung GSM SGH-A747 SLM
Samsung GSM SGH-A766 Propel
Samsung GSM SGH-A767 Propel
Samsung GSM SGH-A777
Samsung GSM SGH-A811
Samsung GSM SGH-A817 Solstice 2
Samsung GSM SGH-A827 Access
Samsung GSM SGH-A837 Rugby
Samsung GSM SGH-A847 Rugby II
Samsung GSM SGH-A847D Rugby II
Samsung GSM SGH-A847M Rugby II
Samsung GSM SGH-A847R Rugby II
Samsung GSM SGH-A867 Eternity
Samsung GSM SGH-A877 Impression
Samsung GSM SGH-A885 Advance
Samsung GSM SGH-A886 Forever
Samsung GSM SGH-A887 Solstice
Samsung GSM SGH-A897 Mythic
Samsung GSM SGH-A927 Flight II
Samsung GSM SGH-F110
Samsung GSM SGH-F250
Samsung GSM SGH-F266
Samsung GSM SGH-F330
Samsung GSM SGH-F400
Samsung GSM SGH-F406
Samsung GSM SGH-F480 Tocco
Samsung GSM SGH-F480T
Samsung GSM SGH-F490
Samsung GSM SGH-F490V
Samsung GSM SGH-F700v
Samsung GSM SGH-G400
Samsung GSM SGH-G800
Samsung GSM SGH-G808
Samsung GSM SGH-i317 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GSM SGH-i337 Galaxy S4
Samsung GSM SGH-i437 Galaxy Express
Samsung GSM SGH-i467 Galaxy Note 8
Samsung GSM SGH-i537 Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung GSM SGH-i547 Galaxy Rugby Pro
Samsung GSM SGH-i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket
Samsung GSM SGH-i747 Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM SGH-I777 Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM SGH-i857 Doubletime
Samsung GSM SGH-i896 Captivate
Samsung GSM SGH-i897 Captivate
Samsung GSM SGH-I9088 Galaxy S
Samsung GSM SGH-i997 Infuse 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-i997R Infuse 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-J630
Samsung GSM SGH-J800 Luxe
Samsung GSM SGH-L170
Samsung GSM SGH-L310
Samsung GSM SGH-L600
Samsung GSM SGH-L700
Samsung GSM SGH-L760
Samsung GSM SGH-L770
Samsung GSM SGH-L770V
Samsung GSM SGH-L810V
Samsung GSM SGH-M3200 Beat s
Samsung GSM SGH-M3510 Beat b
Samsung GSM SGH-M7500 Armani
Samsung GSM SGH-M7600
Samsung GSM SGH-M7603 Beat DJ
Samsung GSM SGH-M8800 Pixon
Samsung GSM SGH-M919 Galaxy S4
Samsung GSM SGH-S3600
Samsung GSM SGH-S5050
Samsung GSM SGH-S7330
Samsung GSM SGH-S7350
Samsung GSM SGH-S8300 Tocco Ultra
Samsung GSM SGH-T229
Samsung GSM SGH-T249R
Samsung GSM SGH-T259
Samsung GSM SGH-T349
Samsung GSM SGH-T359 :)
Samsung GSM SGH-T369
Samsung GSM SGH-T401G
Samsung GSM SGH-T459 Gravity
Samsung GSM SGH-T469 Gravity 2
Samsung GSM SGH-T479 Gravity 3
Samsung GSM SGH-T479B (Virgin )
Samsung GSM SGH-T499 Dart
Samsung GSM SGH-T559 Comeback
Samsung GSM SGH-T566 Corby Touch
Samsung GSM SGH-T589 Gravity Smart
Samsung GSM SGH-T589R Galaxy Q
Samsung GSM SGH-T639
Samsung GSM SGH-T659 Scarlet
Samsung GSM SGH-T669 Gravity T
Samsung GSM SGH-T669B Gravity T
Samsung GSM SGH-T699 Galaxy S Relay 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-T739 Katalyst
Samsung GSM SGH-T746
Samsung GSM SGH-T749 Highlight
Samsung GSM SGH-T759 Exhibit 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-T819
Samsung GSM SGH-T839 Sidekick 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-T849 Galaxy Tab
Samsung GSM SGH-T869 Galaxy Tab
Samsung GSM SGH-T889 Galaxy Note II
Samsung GSM SGH-T919 Behold
Samsung GSM SGH-T929 Memoir
Samsung GSM SGH-T959 Vibrant
Samsung GSM SGH-T959D Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+
Samsung GSM SGH-T959V Galaxy S 4G
Samsung GSM SGH-T989 Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM SGH-T989D Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM SGH-T999 Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM SGH-U700
Samsung GSM SGH-U800
Samsung GSM SGH-U900
Samsung GSM SGH-U908
Samsung GSM SGH-Z170
Samsung GSM SGH-Z230
Samsung GSM SGH-Z240 (Partner)
Samsung GSM SGH-Z300
Samsung GSM SGH-Z400
Samsung GSM SGH-Z500
Samsung GSM SGH-Z560V
Samsung GSM SGH-Z720
Samsung GSM SGH-ZV10
Samsung GSM SGH-ZV60
Samsung GSM SGH-ZX10
Samsung GSM SHV-E210K Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM SHV-E210L Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM SHV-E210S Galaxy S III
Samsung GSM SHW-M250L Galaxy S II
Samsung GSM SHW-M250S Galaxy S II
Sony (SonyEricsson) D750i
Sony (SonyEricsson) K310i
Sony (SonyEricsson) K510i
Sony (SonyEricsson) K750i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W300i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W310i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W550c
Sony (SonyEricsson) W600i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W700i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W800i
Sony (SonyEricsson) W810i
Sony (SonyEricsson) Z520i
Sony (SonyEricsson) Z530i
Sony (SonyEricsson) Z550i
Sony (SonyEricsson) Z558c
Acer S100 Liquid E (Rogers)
Atelier HC/ModeLabs HUMMER HT-5
AU IS12M (XT909)
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD Audiovox – Generic
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD C655
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-180
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7025
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7026 (Cricket)
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7075 (Verizon)
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7076
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7126c (Cricket)
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-7126c (MetroPCS)
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8300
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8410
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8615
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8625
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8630 Coupe
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8900
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8910
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8912
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8915
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8920
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8930
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8932
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8935 L1
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8940
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8945
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8950
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8955
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8975
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-8999 Crux
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-9200
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD CDM-9500
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD GPT380CTE
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD TXT-8026c
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD TXT-8030VW Razzle
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD TXT-8035 Caper
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD TXT-8040
Audiovox/UTStarcom/PCD WP-8990VW Escapade
BLU BLU Q210E Samba Elite
BLU BLU T200 DeeJay
Cal Comp A100
Cal Comp A150
Cal Comp A200 CAPTR
Cal Comp A300
Cal Comp A410 TXTM8 3G
Casio C711 GzOne Boulder
Casio C721 GzOne Exilim
Casio C731 GzOne Rock
Casio C741 GzOne Brigade
Casio C751 GzOne Ravine
Casio C781 Ravine 2
Casio GzOne type S
Doro PhoneEasy 332
Doro PhoneEasy 338
Doro PhoneEasy 345
Doro PhoneEasy 410
Doro PhoneEasy 612
Fly FLY DS105C
Fly Fly E146
Fly FLY MC170
Fly FLY MC220
Haier C2001
Haier C5000
Jaga K530i
Jaga T20 Mobile watch
Jaga V30A
Jaga V30B
Jaga V30J
K-Touch A158
K-Touch N650
Lanix LX1
Lanix LX11
Lanix LX14
Lanix LX6
Lanix W30
Lenovo A785
Lenovo E212
Micromax X600 Gravity
MyPhone 1082
MyPhone 1045 Simply +
MyPhone 1065 Spectrum
MyPhone 1070 YouPhone
MyPhone Deco
NTT Docomo SC-01C Galaxy Tab
NTT Docomo SC-02B (Galaxy S)
NTT Docomo SC-02C(GALAXY S2)
Pantech C180
Pantech CDM-8635 Coach
Pantech CDM-8999 Crux
Pantech DM P100 (Disney)
Pantech DM P205 (Disney)
Pantech PN-205
Pantech PN-210
Pantech PN-215
Pantech PN-218 (Alltel)
Pantech PN-300
Pantech TXT-8035 Caper
Pantech TXT-8045 Jest 2
Pantech UniMile PR-600
Philips X116 Xenium
Philips X333 Xenium
Philips Xenium X128
Philips Xenium X623
SFR Android Edition StarAddict by SFR
SFR Android Edition StarNaute by SFR
SFR Messenger Edition 251 by SFR
SFR Messenger Edition 261
SFR S by SFR 114
SFR S by SFR 115
SFR S by SFR 232
SFR S by SFR 342
SFR S by SFR 344
SFR StarTrail by SFR
SoftBank iPhone 3G
Tablets ZTE V9 Optus MyTab
Tecno DU30
Tecno T20
Tecno T277
Tecno T6
Tecno T608
Tecno T8
Tecno T858
Tecno TV30
T-Mobile PJ40110 One S
Turkcell T11 MaxiPhone
Turkcell T11 Racer II
UniMile PR-600
ZTE GSM 151 Text Edition
ZTE GSM Messenger Edition 251
ZTE GSM Messenger Edition 261
ZTE GSM P729J Blade
ZTE GSM P736E Atlas
ZTE GSM P736V Crescent
ZTE GSM San Francisco
ZTE GSM StarAddict
ZTE GSM StarNaute
ZTE GSM StarText
ZTE GSM StarTrail
ZTE GSM T11 MaxiPhone
ZTE GSM T11 Racer II
ZTE GSM V875 Easy A7
ZTE GSM V9 Optus MyTab