Mobile phones and other mobile devices such as tablets take an increasingly important role in society.
A modern phone can be compared to a simple PC. Many people use their phones to communicate with others in different wasps.
Digirec can investigate the data from these devices for you and provide you a detailed report of the found information.

Information like: :

  • Ping
  • Skype
  • Voip (calling over teh internet)
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Email
  • SMS


Many programs leave traces on the mobile phone / tablet without the user being aware of that. Traces that can be made visible for investigators if one have the right knowledge and equipment.
Investigations in mobile data may accelerate and improve your “regular” investigations.
Digirec uses the same equipment that is used worldwide police and secret services like CIA/NSA/MI5 and so on.
This allows us to subtract data from thousands of different models of mobile devices and subtract:

  • phonebook records
  • last called numbers 
  • received calls
  • SMS Messages
  • Videos
  • Pictures 

and details like:

  • ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
  • IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) information

Details that can be of very high valer in forensic investigations.
Besides that for a a lot of devices we can get data the normal user has no acces to.
Information like:

  • Deleted SMS-messages
  • Visited websites
  • Deleted chat-sessions
  • Deleted pictures and video’s