IPHONE5Regularly important SMS, Whatsapp messages or call-logs need to be retrieved either for investigation or lawsuits.

Law enforcement agencies often can order providers to hand them this information. Knowing this, private persons expect to get this information also if they ask for it. Especially when it comes to their own data. Never the less, chances are very low providers will give you the information you need regarding deleted text messages, received calls, Whatsapp messages, Ping messages and other information. In most cases providers claim they do not even have this information.
Mainly because of the protection of customer privacy.

In addition to the retrieval of phone information from the provider, the data may sometimes be retrieved from the phones themselves. Retrieving deleted phone data is more difficult then retrieving regular phone data. Digirec has advanced hard- and software (Cellebrite UFED Touch). We regularly work together with the developers of this great tool, to achieve the maximum of phone data for you customers.
Digirec helps to gain access to the data of your phones, tablets or SatNav systems.
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