A decrypted TomTom triplog was used to do some measurements to calculate speed and distance just before a traffic accident happened. In this real life case, there was a driver who was not driving to fast and was in time to hit the breaks.
He should have been able to avoid a collision, but he was hit by a car behind hem, which made him hit the car in front of him.

Total distance of the route we took is 613.54 meters.

Timeframe is 2012-04-01 16:12:00 to 16:12:29. (16:12:29 is the last point in motion, after that you can see a lot of “ pins” more or less on the same spot  (probably a 4 by 4 meter range where al gps-fixes are found.)

If Google earth gives us good information we can calculate that the speed on this part was an average of: 613,54 meter / 29 seconds = 21,156 meter/second = 76,163 Km / h.

That is way beyond the speed limit of 110km/h at that location (but still an avarage)